Get the fun going at the BBQ with these lawn games

Three backyard games that bring a good time to your cookout

Live in the D: Kick up your BBQ with lawn games
Live in the D: Kick up your BBQ with lawn games

This Memorial Day weekend will be full of grilling, laughing and relaxing with friends and family, so why not kick up the fun a little with some classic backyard games? Kila Peeples showed three games you can bring out that are easy to learn to play and will serve up a dish of friendly competition. One was bocce, an Italian game where you roll a colorful ball to the pallina, or a smaller ball. The one closest to the pallina wins.

Another game to play is old school croquet, where you knock a ball through rickets, or stands, with a mallet. There are various ways to play the game, but any way you play it, it will be will be a good time.

Finally, there’s Kan Jam, which basically combines frisbees and slam dunks. The goal is to get the frisbee in the can with or without the help of a teammate.

Watch the video above to see the games in action

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