A spiritual moment led to selling divine mushrooms at Eastern Market

Give and Grow Mushrooms offers different kinds of mushrooms you won’t find in most grocery stores

Live in the D: Give and Grow Mushrooms at Eastern Market
Live in the D: Give and Grow Mushrooms at Eastern Market

This week is the kickoff to Tuesday Market season at Eastern Market, where you can find vendors offering all kinds of produce, small-batch foods, and even items you may have never seen before. One stand that is known for having exotic produce is Give and Grow Mushrooms; at any time there may be over 30 different varieties of mushrooms that are grown right here in Michigan. Owner Vincent Sanna shared how he traded his pet shop for mushroom growing after having a spiritual experience while foraging for morel mushrooms. Give and Grow has been a staple vendor at Eastern Market for 10 years, and Vincent is always ready to help shoppers learn more about the different kinds of fungi they can cook with and how to incorporate them into delicious meals.

Watch the video above to hear Vincent’s journey into becoming a mushroom maestro.

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