Life changes might mean changing your insurance coverage

Monday marks National Insurance Awareness Day

Meadowbrook Insurance Agency on Live in the D
Meadowbrook Insurance Agency on Live in the D

A lot of people have experienced many changes in their lives over this past year or so, and those changes can have a big impact in so many ways.

Monday is National Insurance Awareness Day, so why not take a deeper look at your current coverage?

After such a long year, Matthew McGrail of Meadowbrook Insurance Agency recommends making changes to home insurance because of the impact of remote working and learning, home renovations and large lifestyle purchases.

McGrail also talked about how car insurance can be affected, since you may be driving less or have a new driver in the family.

Other life changes to consider are getting married or divorced, having a baby, or monitoring a serious illness.

For more information on making changes to insurance to fit your post-pandemic life a bit better, click or tap here.

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