Don’t leave your workout routine at home on your next vacation

Here are some ideas to keep you on the right path to reaching those fitness goals

Fitness Routine For Your Vacation on Live in the D

Often when people think of vacation they think of lounging by the pool, eating amazing food, and sleeping late. Sometimes that means you can return home more out of shape than when you left.

Nutrition and fitness expert Jody Trierweiler says that doesn’t have to happen. She shared various gadgets to help you stay fit while on vacation.

Jody said it’s always easy to put on shoes and go for a run but what about strength training? She recommended Hip Circle resistance bands to work out your lower body. Jody also suggested TRX straps. The straps can be hooked up in a tree, or on a deck, and can help work out in multiple ways. The TRX straps are available for around $179.00. Jody suggests you stay hydrated and talked about a $3 foldable water bottle to keep on hand.

Watch the video to learn more.

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