Here’s where to go for a Fin-tastic Shark Week!

The SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium wants you to learn more about the giant creatures in the ocean.

Sea Life Michigan Aquarium Presents Shark Week on Live in the D

Love them or hate them in some way we are all fascinated by sharks. These fish have ancestors that date back to prehistoric times and every year they are celebrated during Shark Week.

Shark week starts Sunday July 11th and SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium is celebrating with some fin-filled events.

Asher Berg, Curator of SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium in Great Lakes Crossing shared a few of the interesting facts you can learn about sharks during Shark Week.

SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium has different species of sharks and rays. The largest shark they have is a Nurse Shark. For those who need to take baby steps to conquer their fear of sharks, SEA LIFE also features small sharks like the Short-Tail Nurse Shark.

The big sharks are kept with the fish so many would wonder (including Live In The D Host Jason Carr) what keeps the sharks from eating the small fish? Berg said that the aquarium feeds the sharks lots of food including mackerel and even clams so they aren’t hungry and keep fish as friends, not food.

Berg also pointed out that during shark week at the Aquarium you will be able to learn lots about sharks like the fact that they are able to get rid of anything leftover in their teeth easily since they constantly lose their teeth. But they get a new set in almost immediately so they can continue hunting.

You can buy tickets for the SEA LIFE Michigan Aquarium on their website.

Watch the video to learn more.

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