Take a stroll to with a tasty egg sandwich to start your day

Iggy’s Eggies is helping you eat on your feet in the heart of the city with a walk-up window

Take-Out Tuesday: Iggy's Eggies

Detroit has a vast variety of choices when it comes to restaurants and in particular takeout. Now there are even more unique ways of getting that order to-go, instead of a drive-thru. How about a walk-up window?

One restaurant is changing things up in the D. It’s called Iggy’s Eggies and it’s in Downtown Detroit. Eli Boyer, the owner explained how.

Iggy Eggies is all about breakfast sandwiches. At this walk-up window, you can create a breakfast sandwich just how you like it. You start with your egg and find out what type of bread it should sit on. You can use a bagel, a biscuit, or an English muffin. Then it’s time for the protein adding either ham, bacon, sausage, and bologna. Next you can add different condiments and veggies as you see fit.

If this sounds like a lot of work, Iggy’s Eggies has a simpler menu where they have created tasty egg sandwiches you love. These sandwiches have all the fixings like their Iggycado sandwich which comes with avocado arugula and Iggy sauce, or their bodega sandwich which includes bologna topped with mayo and mustard on an onion roll.

Watch the video to learn more.

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