Detroit spot serves up a one-of-a-kind sandwich

Father-son team offers a menu featuring soul food

Take-Out Tuesday: Chef Greg's Soul-N-The Wall

The Boogaloo Sandwich is being served up at Chef Greg’s Soul-N-The-Wall restaurant in Detroit.

The restaurant on Curtis Street has made a name for itself with the sandwich that features a toasted bun, seasoned ground beef, caramelized onions, melted cheese, and a Boogaloo sauce. Chef Greg Beard says the sauce is made from scratch.

Chef Greg’s Soul-N-The-Wall also serves up everything from catfish to pork chops.

While the menu features various dishes that include meat, guests can also order vegetarian options like collared greens, pinto beans, blacked eyes peas and cabbage.

Chef Greg says everything on the menu is cooked to order.

The chef’s son, Greg Beard, Jr., also joined the business to make it a family affair.

Watch the video to hear more about the story behind Chef Greg’s Soul-N-The-Wall.