How to track your pets and keep them safe

Also, Sheba is looking for a new home with lots of love

All 4 Pets: Tracking Your Pets

There are quite a few ways to find your pet if they ever get lost, using devices such as collar tags, microchips and more.

But what’s important is the information that should be included to help your pet return home as quickly as possible.

It’s best for people to use collars with tags that include the pet’s name, and the owner’s address and phone number, along with microchips that you can check regularly and where you can easily update your contact information, said Anna Chrisman, from Michigan Humane.

A rabies tag and city license can be helpful, too, if you keep a copy of the license form to verify the license number, Chrisman said.

She also showed off a new furry friend named Sheba.

Sheba is a pit bull looking for her new home. She prefers to be the only pet in the home and craves lots of attention. So, she will do better in a house that does not have young children.

Watch the video above to learn more.

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