Find a hidden, old school gem shopping in this “vintage” alley

Vintage Eastern Market is an remodeled alley where shopping for something old, becomes something new

Vintage Eastern Market on Live in the D
Vintage Eastern Market on Live in the D

Eastern Market is always a great place to shop for fresh foods and flowers, but there is an area there that is dedicated to finding fun things from the past. Vintage Eastern Market hosts dozens of vendors, selling items that may have been a gem for someone before, but now is a great find for someone else. Martin Nickens, owner of Vintage Eastern Market, joined Tati Amare to talk about the shop, and the special area where you can find vintage items from all over the world.

Nickens said Vintage Eastern Market hosts 30 vendors weekly, but has rotated 85 vendors over the past few months it has been open. He also said there is a variety of items you can find at the market, including clothing, records, and home décor. Nickens said another unique aspect of the market is where it is, in an alley of Eastern Market that was cleaned by a special crew of friends and supporters of the both Eastern Market and the shop.

Watch the video above to find out more about Vintage Eastern Market.