What does the shift to fall look like for adults?

Back-to-school time means a new daily routines for all ages

What's The Buzz - Back To School Impact

It’s time to head back to school but what does this time mean for adults?

The new school year is a shift for people of all ages from changes in how you dress to daily routines. And adjustments have to be made!

Host, Jason Carr chatted with Vanessa Cohen, the founder of the Cohen Brand, Jason Hall with RiDetroit, and Blaine Fowler the host of the Blaine Fowler Morning Show.

Vanessa said she is really excited for her kids to head back to school in person. She’s so excited that a glass of wine my be in order!

Blaine Fowler really resonated with the “shift” to fall and back-to-school time. He said he noticed during this time he always wants to shop for new clothes. Fowler thinks this is somewhat ingrained because of back-to-school shopping as a child.

When Jason Carr asked if anyone was stressed about the fall or back-to-school time Jason Hall talked about his mental preparation. He said that he isn’t stressed but is preparing for life to slow down with a bit less access to fun activities.

Watch the video to hear more of the about the shift of seasons!

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