This will be a big color for Fall 2021

Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan shares how to make grey exciting in your wardrobe

Jon Jordan: Grey in Fall on Live in the D

Are you ready to break out your fall wardrobe? Last week, Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan showed us some unexpected fall trends that were influenced by warmer weather. This week Jordan talked with Tati Amare about ways to wear the color grey this autumn.

Accessories are the key to a grey outfit. Jordan recommends handbags and jewelry because they’re more versatile than a garment.

Jordan says there’s a mind-blowing thing happening in fashion for cool weather, which is sandals. He suggests sandals that are grey suede or grey tweed with chain embellishments.

Jordan says this fall is all about layering grey in interesting ways. He says layering ensures your outfit will not be boring and makes the color grey a brilliant shade versus a dull shade.

Watch the video above to get more fashion advice from Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan.

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