Take a look at this magical coincidence

Jasen Magic has something up his sleeve to celebrate his and Jason Carr’s birthdays

Jasen Magic on Live in the D

Life is full of coincidences and things that can be baffling and magical. One person who knows all about that is magician and comedian Jasen Magic who joined Jason Carr for a special surprise.

Coincidentally, the comedic magician and Jason have birthdays in October. Jasen gifted Jason with a Karate Cat calendar and performed a cool magic trick today on Live In The D ahead of upcoming show.

If you want to see more magic from Jasen Magic, his next performance is this Friday, October 4th, at Gennitti’s in Northville at 6:30 p.m.

Watch the video above to see Jason Carr’s reaction to Jasen Magic’s magical trick.

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