This store will help you dress your home for the fall season

Fall into the season indoors

Fall Décor on Live in the D
Fall Décor on Live in the D

The fall season is in full swing, and Michigan is famous for its outdoor fall colors. So why not bring some of the fall season indoors?

Mary Liz Curtin, owner of Leon and Lulu joined Kim DeGiulio to give us some ideas on how you can dress up your home for fall. Leon and Lulu is a 15,000 square foot shopping mecca with furniture, decorative accessories, toys, clothing, and more in Clawson, Michigan.

Curtin says the first thing you should do to get ready for fall is to clear out the house, which includes getting rid of old magazines and newspapers. Next, she says to add a few fall accents like pumpkins and pretty leaves. She also recommends fall scents in the form of soaps, candles, and flowers.

When considering home accessories Curtin says you want to pick things that tell you and your family’s story, things you want to look at for years, and things that make you happy.

If you build up an appetite while shopping at Leon and Lulu, you can go next door to their restaurant Three Cats for lunch, dinner or a cocktail.

Leon and Lulu is located at 96 W 14 Mile Rd, Clawson, MI 48017.

Watch the video above for the full interview and more information about Leon and Lulu.

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