3 signs your home is in need of better organization -- and how to do it

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Have you started switching our your season clothes along with the rest of us? If so, you may have also discovered your closet need a better set-up.

Maybe you’re working from home and it’s feeling cluttered, or the space for the kids and their schoolwork could use a little attention.

Sheliah Markham, owner of California Closets, chatted with “Live in the D” host Tati Amare about the solution to create a better organized space -- with style -- anywhere in your home.

Markham said there are three red flags that might be alerting you that it’s time to create a more organized space at home:

1. You experience anxiety in the morning as you’re trying to leave the house quickly because there isn’t a designated area for your things like keys, purses or the kids’ backpacks.

2. Shoes are piled by the door or there just isn’t an area for your shoe collection.

3. You’re rewearing items and not utilizing other pieces In wardrobe.

Design consultants with California Closets can come to your home and do what they do best: create a closet organization design. But that’s not their only area of expertise. There are a variety of spaces with which they can help you in your home.

Markham said California Closets also has wall units that are great for organizing and can be especially useful for entertainment centers, wine bars, custom closets, mudrooms and home offices.

Watch the video above to see more organization and storage ideas.

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