The new NBC sci-fi mystery series you do not want to miss

Zyra Gorecki and Jack Martin talked about about NBC’s “La Brea”

La Brea on Live in the D

NBC’s La Brea is a new mystery television series that has audiences captivated as the characters try to figure out what is going on. Right now, there are more questions than answers.

Two of the cast members from the show, Zyra Gorecki and Jack Martin, joined Jason Carr to talk about their experience on the show.

Gorecki, who plays Izzy Harris, is one of the first below the knee amputees to hold a major role in a national broadcast television series. She expressed how people look at her as a role model and how children feel like they can do anything now. She says it is fantastic and a different experience within itself because she never thought of herself as someone to look up to.

Martin, who plays Josh Harris, says this show breaches new territory because it skips over a lot of problems that other comparable sci-fi drama shows have had. He says there are no transition episodes and it dives right into the action and never stops until the end.

Gorecki says people should watch La Brea because it is not about one single thing. She says it has family connections, emotional distress, crazy action, and different stories so you will never get bored. She also says it shows that people are more than they appear.

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