Is it too early for holiday decorations?

What’s The Buzz debates whether to hang the mistletoe now, or later

What’s the Buzz: Holiday Season on Live in the D

Now that spooky season is over, it’s time to start looking forward to the upcoming holidays to close out the year. Some may feel that it’s ok to start breaking out the Christmas lights and wreaths, while others think it’s too soon to put up decorations and to listen to holiday music. This week for What’s The Buzz, Tati Amare and Kim DeGiulio asked the crew, which was comedian Melanie Hearn, magician Jasen Magic, and motivational speaker Mimi Brown, their views on the hot topic.

When asked if it’s ok to listen to holiday music now that Halloween is over, Mimi said she needs a week to buffer before she can start listening to any kind of holiday music. She said she needs to ease into the songs, just like she eases into starting her shopping lists. Melanie on the other hand said she doesn’t start listening to holiday music until the first snow fall or December 1st.

Whether it’s too soon to start putting up decorations, Jasen said he is sticking with the Halloween décor, until the start of 2022. He was kidding... we think. Melanie said when she hears a certain holiday song is when she starts thinking about decorating. Mimi needs “transition decorations” where it is more fall, than holiday décor.

Watch the video above to hear more of the What’s The Buzz crew’s answers.