This new place will get your taste buds buzzing

SugarBuzz Bakery has all vegan desserts

SugarBuzz Bakery on Live in the D

There’s a new bakery creating buzz in Ferndale, but is a little bit of a twist to this sweet shop because here everything is vegan.

Today on Live In The D Christopher Palek, owner of SugarBuzz Bakery, joined Jason Carr to talk about his new shop.

Palek says the bakery opened this year in the midst of the pandemic. Palek has been vegan for 14 years and always wanted to work for a vegan organization. He says he has gone to many vegan and vegetarian restaurants with wonderful desserts, but wanted to create a one-stop shop where you could find anything and everything vegan.

Being an all-vegan bakery, Palek says they do not use eggs, butter, or cheese like normal bakeries. He says they use high quality ingredients like coco powder, coconut oil, and flora butter. He also says for egg replacements they use flax or aquafaba which has the same consistency as eggs.

Palek says the bakery offers treats, breakfast pastries, cinnamon rolls, and cakes. For the holiday season, he says they will be offering a variety of vegan pie flavors like pumpkin, French silk, apple, and pecan.

The owner says he believes vegan food is for everyone and not just vegans.

SugarBuzz Bakery is located at 23131 Woodward, Ferndale, MI 48220.

Watch the video above for the full interview.

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