4 unique financial situations veterans face after returning to civilian life

There are many financial benefits for those in the armed services

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Thursday is Veteran’s Day, a time when we honor those who have served our country, and there will be traditional parades in communities across the country honoring these men and women.

After serving our country, many veterans face new challenges that can impact their financial situations in ways that are different from average civilians.

The experts at Custom Wealth Solutions, a full-service financial firm that focuses on helping people plan for their retirement, joined “Live in the D” to discuss unique financial situations veterans face.

  1. Money for education. After serving our country, many veterans may might consider going back to school. Colleges and trade schools can be very expensive, but there are so many avenues where veterans can find financial assistance.
  2. Health care. Veterans are often used to the government covering their health care costs while in service, but once they become a veteran, they must figure out their own health care. However, there are some great options veterans can look into.
  3. Inflation and taxes. While living on base, military members are somewhat isolated from price increases and inflation, so when they return to civilian life, it can be a shock. There are useful way to budget for the increased costs of inflation and taxes.
  4. Home mortgage. Veterans who are in the process of looking for a home may qualify for some great, low-interest mortgages. VA loans in particular can be helpful for veterans.

These are a handful of financial situations veterans may face, but there are many programs in place that are specifically set up to help with these instances, among others.

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