Catching up with a familiar face from hit TV shows

Comedianee Marsha Warfield talks about her career journey

Marsha Warfield on Live in the D

For decades she has made people laugh with her stand up and her overall comic excellence, but you may recognize her most from her iconic role as “Roz” on the hit TV show Night Court.

Comedienne Marsha Warfield joined Jason Carr to talk about her comedic journey and more.

Warfield says she always liked making people laugh and to see people happy. She says from the time she was old enough to talk she was looking for the laughs and watching the variety shows with the comedians.

The comedian says Legends of the Superhero’s was one of her very first gigs in Los Angeles, California and she was very happy to get it.

In the 80′s, Warfield played the role of “Roz” on the TV show Night Court playing the third bailiff on the show. She says she did not know at the time how impactful the show would be. She says the show had a great cast and they were just doing comedy and having fun.

If Warfield had to pick a favorite show that she was a cast member or a guest star of she says she would pick The Richard Pryor Show. She says that show was a thrill beyond measure at the time and she was a kid. She expressed how working with Pryor was a be-all wonderful experience and it is still paying dividends.

Warfield says she had to take some personal time from her career, but she’s had the chance to get back into it to see if she could still do what she can do. She has been doing her stand up for the past five or six years and says her role on 9-1-1 has been a blessing.

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