Do you like to spend time apart from your significant other?

What’s The Buzz talks about whether “me time” is cool in your relationship

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Spouses may be spending time apart this week because it is the start of hunting season, which got our What’s The Buzz crew thinking about doing things apart when you’re in a relationship. Is it a good thing? Is it balanced? This week’s crew, which included Blaine Fowler, the host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD, owner of Leon and Lulu and Three Cats in Clawson Mary-Liz Curtin, and veterinarian Dr. Cory Gut, spoke to Jason Carr about their thoughts on the matter.

When asked if you act differently around your friends than your significant other, Dr. Gut said while she is very lovey-dovey with her husband, at romantic dinners and walks on the beach, she has different plans when she’s with her friends. They tend to go out to clubs, go shopping, and do other things that she wouldn’t normally do with her husband.

The topic of separate vacations came up and Blaine said he is all for separate trips, his wife is going away this week and he is happy to wish her a safe trip, while he enjoys prime rib in an empty house. Mary-Liz agrees saying she has been doing this for many years and it is one of the keys to her successful 30 years-plus marriage.

Whether they text pictures or send updates of their trip, Dr. Gut said she sends a “proof of life” text, letting her husband know that she’s ok, other than that, it’s all about the “me time”. Blaine concurred saying that he typically sends a “be home in 15 minutes” text.

Watch the video above to hear more answers from the What’s The Buzz crew about taking some time apart.