“Kenan” is back for more laughs, we speak with the stars about season 2

“Kenan” airs Mondays at 8PM on NBC

Another season of laughs is underway on NBC as “Kenan” returns for season 2. Kenan Thompson returns as a single dad trying to make things work while balancing being a father, a morning show host, and with the support of his brother and father-in-law. Host Jason Carr got a chance to speak with the stars, Kenan Thompson and Kimrie Lewis, about the upcoming season.

According to them, this next season will be all about relationships. As Thompson put it, “life is all about relationships.” The main character, Kenan Williams, is trying to move on after the tragedy of losing his wife. His daughters are well taken care of with his “village” or supporters, but now it is time for Kenan to find some happiness.

Lewis plays Mika Caldwell, the Producer of Kenan’s morning show, and she loves when her character, who regularly seems very put together, just falls apart. While the other characters may be aware that Mika is not perfect, it’s the moments when Mika realizes it herself that Lewis most enjoys.

“It’s hard for her, but it’s funny for the audience,” explains Lewis.

While the show is scripted, Thompson and Lewis revealed they do like to ad-lib on occasion. After getting the scripted take, they are able to have a little fun and improvise. Lewis says about 80% is scripted while the rest is improvised.

Behind the scenes there are a lot of laughs to be had with a stellar cast. Thompson called his SNL mate, Chris Redd, a master roaster, but all the members take their turn making the others laugh. As Thompson put it, “It’s a good group of funny, funny people.”

For the full interview, watch the video above. “Kenan” airs Mondays at 8 pm on Local 4.

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