Hear the important message behind “As We See It”

Actor Joe Mantegna shares the deeper meaning behind the new Amazon Prime series

He is known for his role in “Criminal Minds”, in addition to countless other movies and shows. Now, Joe Mantegna is taking on a new role as a father in “As We See it”. Live In The D co-host Jason Carr caught up with the actor this morning to discuss the significant meaning behind the show.

Joe said the series follows three adults who are on the autism spectrum, and his character mirrors what his day to day life is like with a daughter that is also on the spectrum. He said it was it was one of the finest scripts he has read, and he feels blessed to be a part of it.

Joe said the show is as funny as it is serious, but overall it is true to life. He said the show is a perfect snapshot of what it’s like to be a part of this world and people can relate to it.

To hear more about Joe’s experience on the new series, watch the video above.