“You look marvelous!” How are you with compliments?

What’s The Buzz covers the kind and generous words said on National Compliment Day

“I love that color blue on you!”

“You have a beautiful smile!”

It’s National Compliment Day, meaning it’s the perfect day to reach out to someone and say something nice about them? Or is it? Some people feel awkward when given a compliment. Or, you might say something that you think is a compliment and it’s taken as rude or a backhanded comment. Joining host Jason Carr to talk about the compliments for What’s the Buzz were comedian Melanie Hearn, magician Jasen Magic, and co-host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 WDVD.

When asked if they give compliments when they feel it is necessary Melanie said she always dishes out compliments. She is all about lifting people up, so she will let you know when you look or smell good. Jasen Magic said he sometime goes overboard with his compliments, because he might feel a little weird when stating the compliment. When it comes to a positive review or compliment for a business, Lauren said she likes to leave a message on business boards or for her ride-share driver.

What happens when a person gives a compliment that backfires? Jason said it can always happen, but if you are quick and direct with what you want to say, it can be avoided. Melanie agree saying as a female comedian she always gets compliments that may come off as a backhanded comment. She said just say “Hey, you’re funny!” and leave out anything that might come off as rude or disingenuous.

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