Keep your kids having fun during the big game with these activities

Some things you can do to bring keep the young ones part of the team on Sunday

Who’s ready for the big game this weekend? Adults love the big game, but the kids might not get into the hype. So, how do you keep the kiddos entertained and involved? Kerry Doman, the founder of Little Guide Detroit, has some fun ideas to make this football weekend fun for all. Here are her ideas:

Play commercial bingo - Besides football, the big game is known for its memorable commercials. This takes watching the ads up a notch as you play to get five in a row. You can find pre-made bingo games online, or just print off a 5X5 grid and have the kids fill in different types of commercials they expect to see. The first to fill a whole line wins!

Jazz up snack time - If it looks fun, kids are more likely to eat it! Doman recommends stopping by your local dollar store and picking up some football-themed plates, bowls, and containers to serve the food in. Also, make it easy on yourself and order in from your favorite pizza joint. What kid doesn’t like some ‘za?

Keep those little hands busy. If you have small toddlers at your party, you know you need to do activities that will keep their attention and one way to do that is to have something tactile for the kids to play with. Legos are always a great go-to. They can try to build a goal post. Another option is to make a sensory bin. Just get a large bin and fill it with rice that has been dyed green, dried brown beans, measuring cups, and spoons. It will look like a football field with the rice being grass and the beans being footballs. They can play around and enjoy the fun textures, just keep an eye on them to make sure none of the items end up in their mouth.

For more great ideas, watch the full video above.

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