Did you catch this local ad during the Super Bowl?

Mike Morse chose to put his mom center stage

Besides the game, the Super Bowl is famous for its ads. From the always hilarious Dorito commercial to the surprisingly touching Budweiser spots, but this year a local company made a splash during the commercial break featuring a fairly famous local mom.

The Mike Morse Law Firm decided to feature Mike Morse’s mom as the main star. The law firm has been doing Super Bowl commercials for the last 8 years and has won a couple of awards for them. Morse says it’s hard to always try to top the last one.

The spot feature’s Morse’s mom being approached by a competitive firm to be in their commercials since she is the secret to his success. When she happily agrees and tells them to consider her their mom, Morse awakes from the nightmare.

When asked how he came up with this new spot, he gave the credit to his creative team.

“Anything featuring my mom, anything self-deprecating, anything fun. We thought it would be perfect for the Super Bowl,” said Morse.

This commercial is the latest in a string of spots in which Morse’s mom makes an appearance. He says she even gets stopped for autographs now. Morse’s mom is enjoying being a minor celebrity, though she does say she feels like she needs to get hair and make-up done before leaving the house now.

To see the commercial, watch the video above and see the full conversation Jason Carr had with Mike Morse.

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