Celebrate with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and treats

Lekker Chócó Treats brings a pop of color and flavor to edible bouquets

There is a company in Farmington that is dazzling customers with their beautiful combination of flowers and sweets. The pop-up shop is quickly becoming known for their colorful edible bouquets and chocolate dipped fruits. Lekker Chócó Treats owner Nakija Mills spoke to Jason Carr about her tasty desserts and the meaning behind the shop’s worldly name.

Mills was born in Dominica but moved to the Netherlands after she was adopted as a child. She came to Michigan in late 2007, where she started dipping strawberries to put on top of her homemade cupcakes. The trend then turned into a business, and she now creates eye-popping edible bouquets, joining chocolate dipped fruits with roses from Ecuador. She also makes berry boxes, Poffertjes, which are Dutch mini pancakes, and other chocolate-based treats. The name, Lekker Chócó, is a blend of her two backgrounds, Lekker means delicious or tasty in Dutch/Afrikaans, and chócó is chocolate. The pop-up is currently in Browndog Barlor & and Restaurant in downtown Farmington until Feb. 28, but then will move to Farmington Brewing Company.

To learn more about Lekker Chócó Treats, watch the video above.

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