Try this viral beauty trend that will be the “highlight” of your day

Jon Jordan shows how to do the trend of highlighting your jawline

Bella Hadid posted a picture on her Instagram a few weeks back, and it went viral all because of the highlight on her jaw. The picture has millions of likes and hundreds of thousands of comments. It has also led to a trend of social media of people showing makeup tricks to get the same look. Local 4 Style Editor Jon Jordan noticed this and spoke to Tati Amare about the trend, and how to apply highlighter the correct way.

Jon says it’s all about the right product and the right technique to get the look you want. Contouring is something known for accentuating features on our face, but when it comes to highlighting it’s about using something like a cosmetic sponge with your highlighter to place the makeup in a way that shines. A jawline is something distinct and highlighting it with makeup can provide a much bolder look.

To see how Jon did the application on himself, and for other ways to achieve the look, watch the video above.