3 important things to keep in mind when preparing seafood

Follow the 3 S’s

This time of year is big for seafood, but if you’re new to preparing the cuisine, it can be a bit daunting.

Jeff Cox, with Black Rock Bar and Grille, an area restaurant chain famous for serving steaks and seafood on a screaming hot volcanic rock, shared some advice on how to make your seafood dishes spectacular; he refers to them as the three S’s.

  1. Season - Seasoning your food is always important, whether you want to make some blackened salmon or a simple shrimp dish. Generally, salt and pepper are a good starting point. Frequently, at-home chefs under season their food, so don’t be afraid to sprinkle it on.
  2. Sear - The sear is very important, as it seals in the juices and provides so much flavor. To ensure you get a good sear, make sure your pan is fully heated, add some fat like an oil or butter and let the protein sit there for a minute or two before moving it. Generally, when you can jiggle the pan and the protein moves, it’s time to flip it.
  3. Sauce - Another way to add a ton of flavor is to add a yummy sauce. There is so much seafood that doesn’t have a super-strong flavor, so pairing it with a sauce can really make your fish or shellfish shine.

Watch the video above to hear more about these tips, or to learn about Black Rock Bar and Grille. You can find the closest location to you by clicking or tapping here.