Chill in this suave new speakeasy that’s also a distillery

It’s become a social media destination, thanks to the cocktails, lounge area, and even the bathroom!

Clawson is quickly becoming the place to go, for food at places like the Lucky Duck and Pumachug, and for coffee or desserts at White Wolf Patisserie or Sabbath Coffee. Now there’s a place to go for a night out you won’t forget.

Weiss Distilling Company just opened earlier this year, and already has a huge social media following. Posts range from friends clinking glasses of beautiful craft cocktails, to selfies in the almost out-of-this-world bathrooms. It all began with a few nights out on the town for owner Dennis Weiss and his wife 10 years ago. They wondered if they could make spirits of their own and decided to go for it. Weiss Distilling Company currently makes rum, vodka, bourbon, and gin. Also, they are in the works to release their version of absinthe soon. Dennis had a step up in the knowledge of making spirits because his family, particularly his grandfather, used to make still, spirits, and wines in their native country of Slovakia.

Not only does Weiss Distilling make spirits, but also it is bottled and labeled on site Plus the make the ice that is used in the cocktails and mocktails served in the lounge, and most of the mixers and juices they put in them. As for the cocktails, there’s a menu with 40 drinks you can try, like The Bellwether, made with gin, grapefruit syrup, and orange liqueur; or the Cadi Parti, made with vodka, ginger syrup, pineapple, and cardamom bitters. Snacks are also available such as nuts, potato chips, and even sustainably sourced caviar.

To learn more about Weiss Distilling Company, watch the video above.

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