Are you ready for spring?

Do you have travel plans? Have you started projects around the house?

It’s the first full day of spring and we recently had a taste of spring weather.

Today on What’s The Buzz, the team played a game called “Spring or Sprung?” You choose spring if you are doing these things now or plan to do them now, or “sprung” if you have already done these things or started doing them in the winter.

“Live In The D” host Tati Amare was joined by Blaine Fowler, host of The Blaine Fowler Morning Show on 96.3 on WDVD, comedian Mike Bonner and comedian Melanie Hearn to play the game.

Question one: Do you have travel plans? The group answered unanimously with “sprung”. Melanie said she has plans to go to Los Angeles, California next month, Blaine is going to Arizona, and Mike is going to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Question two: Have you started projects around the house? Blaine chose “sprung” and says after 18 long years in his home they decided to gut the basement and purge all of the junk. Melanie chose “spring” and says in her mind she needs to put up her winter boots and clothes, but has yet to start. Mike chose “sprung” and says he cleaned some windows in his home so his plants can get the right kind of sun shine.

Question three: Have you switched out your winter clothes? Mike chose “sprung” and says he started switching out his hats. Melanie chose “spring” and says she still has her winter coat and scarf because it is still snowing in Detroit. Blaine chose “spring” and says that he waits until May because he does not trust Michigan weather.

Question four: Have you gone to any outdoor festivals? There were a bunch over the winter, or have you waited for spring? Blair choose “sprung” and says that he went to the Plymouth Ice Festival. Mike and Melanie chose “spring” and says they do not do outdoor activities in the winter.

To hear more about the “Spring or Sprung” game, watch the video above.

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