Award-winning Ann Arbor ice cream shop is officially reopening for the season

Ice cream flavor offered that tastes like breakfast sausage

There is so much to look forward to in the spring: the flowers and trees blooming, the temperatures rising, and the return of ice cream season.

Many shops that close down during the colder months are opening back up, including Ann Arbor’s award-winning Blank Slate Creamery. It is famous for their clever creamy flavors that have won high accolades and awards from the North American Ice Cream Association.

What really makes the creamery stand out, according to owner Janice Sigler, is that they make all their ice cream and non-dairy treats in-house, and they try to provide customers with a new flavor nearly every week. That means they need to get quite creative when it comes to recipes.

Not only does Blank Slate have a production team that is constantly coming up with new flavors, but they also take suggestions from customers, who are encouraged to write their ideas on the chalkboard walls in the creamery.

So, what are some examples of the new and unique flavors? Right now, the creamery has a chocolate churro crumb, which is a dark chocolate ice cream with cinnamon sugar pieces.

If you want to taste several flavors at once, you’ll want to try one of the flights, on which you can pick your own flavor combinations. Or you can get one that’s already been created -- perhaps something like their breakfast flight, which has blueberry pancake ice cream, maple rosemary ice cream (which Sigler says tastes suspiciously like breakfast sausage), the salty caramel coffee flavor, and orange cream, which tastes like a glass of orange juice.

This Friday, Blank Slate Creamery will be introducing a new flavor: a non-dairy chocolate cold brew, which is made with oat milk.

There are two locations to visit:

  • 300 W Liberty Street in Ann Arbor
  • 126 E Grand River Avenue in Brighton.

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