These are not your average baked potatoes

The potatoes themselves are enormous

It’s Takeout Tuesday, so we hope you’re hungry. We’re taking you to a restaurant that serves baked potatoes as a comfort food.

It’s called “The Potato Place,” and it has huge potatoes with a lot of toppings on them.

The Potato Place’s general manager, Mario Palushaj, joined “Live In The D” resident foodie Michelle Oliver to highlight why these are not your usual potatoes.

According to Mario, The Potato Place has been in business for nearly 30 years. He stated that his wife’s family acquired the business with the concept in place 11 years ago. The potatoes, his family determined, were the stars of the show, and they decided to supercharge the loaded baked potato.

The seafood potato is the newest member of the potato family, with salmon, shrimp, asparagus, homemade tangy Hollandaise sauce, and green onions. The meat lover’s potato, which includes ground beef, Italian sausage, ham, pepperoni, bacon, cheese, and garlic butter, is another popular option. Another top seller, according to Mario, is the Philly steak supreme potato, which has thinly sliced Philly style steak, mushrooms, broccoli, bacon, onion, bell pepper, and cheese.

When it comes to their best sellers Palushaj said the shrimp Alfredo, chicken Alfredo, house potato and Cajun chicken bayou are tops. The shrimp and chicken Alfredo potatoes are topped with Alfredo sauce, parmesan, and cheese. The House potato is a traditional dish with chicken, broccoli, and bacon. The Cajun chicken bayou is created with chicken, bacon, creamy nacho cheese, handmade Cajun butter, and ranch dressing.

If you’re not in the mood for potatoes you have another option. Palushaj said everything can be served with wide buttered egg noodles instead of a potato.

In addition to the baked potatoes, the restaurant serves cakes such as Superman and a double chocolate cake, as well as locally sourced cookies.

They also create their own Kool-Aid, and Mario claimed to have invented the blue raspberry and fruit punch flavors.

This year, and for the foreseeable future, Palushaj said the restaurant will provide meals for Detroit Public Schools Community District staff since he and his family value education and they are performing a great service.

The Potato Place is located on the campus of Wayne State University at 107 West Warren Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201. They provide take-out, curbside, and delivery services.

For more information, go to the company’s website.

Watch the video above to see some of the loaded potatoes as well as the whole interview.

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