3 questions to ask a doctor if you suffer from neuropathy

Doctor shares advice for overcoming neuropathy

If you or a loved one is experiencing a sensation like pins and needles, perhaps burning or hypersensitivity, it could be neuropathy, which is a condition that’s caused by nerve damage.

Dr. Karen May with Momentum Health Neuropathy Center said neuropathy can impact the entire body, but usually is experienced in the hands and feet. She said it has more than 100 different causes. Potential causes can include diabetes, injuries and infections.

May suggested people suffering from neuropathy ask a doctor these three questions:

  • Do you have experience treating neuropathy without common medications?
  • Do you believe nerves can heal?
  • How can you determine if I have neuropathy?

May said the biggest question to ask yourself is if you feel like you understand your neuropathy, and what you can personally do about it.

Watch the video above to learn more above overcoming neuropathy and how May’s personal journey lead her to create Momentum Health Neuropathy Center.

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