This local boutique is all about humans, homes and hounds

Shop features apparel, dog treats and more

A boutique in Milford called Bubs’ and Betty’s is mixing up the shopping experience by offering items for humans, homes and hounds.

Caitlin Erickson, a co-owner of Bubs’ and Betty’s, appeared on “Live In The D” to talk about her shop and the inspiration behind it. Caitlin said “Bubs” is her dog’s nickname, while “Betty” is her late grandmother’s name. Caitlin’s family thought naming the shop after Betty would be a great way to honor her.

Bubs’ and Betty’s features a variety of dog focused and non-dog focused items. The shop sells products like pillows, candles, hand towels, mugs, headbands and bracelets. Caitlin said the boutique also has a small children’s section with toys and dog themed apparel for kids. For the hounds, there are leashes, bandanas, bow ties, toys, treats and accessories.

Bubs’ and Betty’s is located at 411 N. Main in Milford. Watch the video above to hear more about the shop.

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