Do you love how tech has changed your life, or are you over it?

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Just take a moment and think about how technology has changed your life from your phone, to your TV, and even food delivered right to your door, that’s what we are talking about today on What’s The Buzz. Joining Kim DeGiulio to talk about it are AJ Williams, the Managing Editor for the Michigan Chronicle and the lady behind, comedian Mike Bonner, and Jasen Magic, a magician and comedian.

So first up, do you like talking on the phone with people, or would you rather use the technology and just text or Facetime? Jasen Magic said while he doesn’t love talking on the phone, he does like it, especially when can use his fancy contraption that holds the phone up to his ear. AJ is completely over talking on the phone, she would rather talk to people in person, or just send a text. However, for the right person, she may be willing to Facetime. Bonner loves talking on the phone, but he feels Facetime is even better. He likes to see where his kids are, and see the expressions on his friend’s faces.

Next, how do you feel about going to the movie theater? Would you rather just stream something at home? Magic says he loves to go out to the movies because it gets him out of the house, plus they make the best popcorn at the theater. For Williams, it really depends on the movie. Some, like a Marvel movie, for example, are better on the big screen where you can really see the action. If it’s something calmer, like The Notebook, she’d rather just watch that at home. Bonner is a movie buff and can’t imagine watching a new movie without all the excitement of seeing it in the theater.

Finally, how do you feel about shopping in a store? Do you like it or is online shopping more your thing? Now Bonner says he actually studied fashion merchandising, so he loves going into the store, seeing the fabrics, and actually getting to try on the clothes. While AJ does agree that being able to try on the clothes is a plus, but she prefers online shopping because it is so easy, and she actually spends less. She especially loves going grocery shopping online, saying she never wants to go to the grocery store again. Jasen Magic says he is over the tech and likes going out to pick up his food and clothes himself.

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