This local business is offering a cool taste of the tropics

They’re bringing Aruba to the D

Some of our best ideas come when we are on vacation and that is the story behind this local business that is bringing island vibes to the D.

It is called Aruba Freeze, and you can see their truck “Nelly” cruising around Metro Detroit serving up delicious treats.

Linda Bahr, Aruba Freeze event coordinator, and kitchen manager Janine McKay joined “Live In The D” with resident foodie Michelle Oliver for Takeout Tuesday, to share more details about the business.

According to Linda, the owner of Aruba Freeze was born and raised in Aruba and wanted to bring island vibes back to Detroit and their specialty is nitrogen ice cream. She said what sets their ice cream apart from others is their flash freeze technology that creates a velvety, creamy ice cream.

Janine demonstrated the process of their unique ice cream. She poured the cream into a mixture and drizzled the liquid nitrogen, which has a temperature of 320 degrees below zero, over it, instantaneously freezing it. This creates the dense creamy ice cream, and eliminates the possibility of ice crystals. Aruba Mango Bango, Bob Bini Blast, and Viva Vanilla are among the flavors available, all of which are all made using a vegan cream base that is 100% organic.

However, Janine says they offer more than just ice cream. They have many other desserts they create for special events, such as mini cream puffs, mini parfaits, mini-ice cream sandwiches, mini cannoli’s, and dragon’s breath in a variety of flavors.

Linda says you can see their Caribbean blue truck Nelly at many places around the area including Eastern Market, community festivals, and fairs.

For more about their calendar of events and more information about their products visit the company’s website.

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