Considering a career in health care? Here’s what you should look for when picking a school

These jobs can be so rewarding

Many people are looking for ways to make their lives more fulfilling and to make a difference.

Nursing has often been at the top of the list of careers, but there are a number of different choices for where you can get hands-on training. So, where do you begin?

We spoke to Dr. David Kesler D.C. with Schoolcraft College to get his opinion on what makes for a good school for health care.

The No. 1 thing you should look for in a school, Kesler said, is a program that is set up to help you succeed. You want a program that will give you a lot of hands-on practical experience.

When looking for a school, consider one that is in a health care hub, with lots of different local practitioners nearby. That way, you have lots of different opportunities to earn those clinic hours.

Working with real hospital systems not only gives students an idea of how hospital systems work, but also gives the medical centers the opportunity to see the students, and their abilities.

Students can also make those important connections so they can get a job, hopefully upon graduation.

The health care field has a lot of specialties, from ultrasound techs to paramedics. If there is a specific career path you want to take, make sure the school you go to has that specific area of study.

If you are undecided, perhaps go to one with a variety of specialties, so you can test them out and have your choice.

A career in health care doesn’t mean being in school forever, either.

Some programs only take a semester, while others require two years for an associate’s degree to complete.

Once graduating, these jobs can have a starting salary of $60,000 (in the case of medical imaging).

Fall registration at Schoolcraft College is open, and classes start Monday, Aug. 29. To learn more about what Schoolcraft College has to offer, and to register, click or tap here.

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