Shop serves up gyros, pizza and some burning love for Elvis

Father, son talk about family business

Elvis has not left the building at a spot in White Lake that’s serving up food that honors the King of Rock and Roll. The shop is called Graceland Wine Shoppe, and it’s showcasing burning love for Elvis Presley in everything from the décor to the items on the menu.

When you walk inside Graceland Wine Shoppe, you’ll notice Elvis memorabilia fills the walls. It has a special meaning for one of the owners, Dave Sharrak. Dave came to the United States at the age of 16, and he says listening to Elvis’ music helped him learn English. His love for Elvis grew and is now incorporated into the family’s wine shop.

Graceland serves up a variety of dishes, including the King Gyro. Dave’s son and shop co-owner, David Sharrak, said the King Gyro features a half pound of gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato and onions. Graceland Wine Shoppe also serves pizza, including a massive 6 lbs. Chicago style pizza. Another pizza on the menu is a gyro pizza. It features a pound of gyro meat, along with tomato and onions. It’s covered in tzatziki sauce.

In addition to food, the shop has a selection of Elvis themed beverage, along with other adult beverages.

Graceland Wine Shoppe is located at 7505 Highland Road in White Lake. Watch the video above to see more of what’s on the menu at Graceland.

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