Car lovers and foodies will want to fuel up at this Dearborn restaurant

They are known for their burgers and craft beer

With big, flavorful burgers and an old-fashioned Model T over the bar, foodies and car lovers alike may put their pedal to the metal and jet on over to Ford’s Garage in Dearborn.

“Ford’s Garage is a casual dining restaurant that pays homage to Henry Ford and the history of the Ford Motor Company,” says Billy Downs, the owner of the large restaurant on Michigan Avenue.

The restaurant is part of a franchise that first opened up in Fort Myers, Florida in 2012, an homage to Henry Ford’s winter estate. Ford World Headquarters wanted a location closer to home, so they asked Billy Downs to open a location in Ford’s hometown of Dearborn, which he did in 2017.

Every little detail is a nod to Ford’s history. There is a Model A above the main bar, and a Model T above the sidebar. The walls are covered in historical pictures, vintage car parts, and even an engine. The front of one of their banquet halls is a model of Ford’s original factory on Mack Avenue in Detroit. They even have these two cars outside to take pictures with.

For food, they are known for their burgers, all 1/2 pound of Black Angus beef. The Estate burger is topped with smoked gouda, sweet red onion marmalade, arugula, tomato, and fried onion straws. They also have a large selection of mac and cheese, including their shrimp mac and cheese to which they add some lobster stock to their creamy cheese sauce for some depth.

“This place is definitely for car lovers,” says Downs. “If you love cars, you are going to love Ford’s Garage, but it’s also for people who just love America, want to celebrate that, like a cool atmosphere, and, you know, the food is great!

Ford’s Garage is located at 21367 Michigan Avenue in Dearborn. Reservations are recommended.

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