A stylish way to rep Detroit and support a good cause

The brand is all about continuing in spite of adversity

You can show your Detroit pride while also supporting a good cause and looking good while doing it. Survived Streetwear is designed to do just that while also keeping you looking stylish.

Joshua Felix joined Tati Amare on “Live in the D” to discuss the brand and its unique mission.

Survived Streetwear, according to Felix, is a social brand that promotes the message of “continuing in spite of adversity.” With that message in mind, a portion of their profits are used to feed and clothe people experiencing homelessness, as well as partner with local organizations. He added that Detroit is the best example of the brand’s slogan and mission, which is to last until the end.

Athletic, streetwear, and conservative Detroit themed apparel are all available from the brand. One of the models wore an Essentials Detroit design, which was launched during the pandemic to support small businesses and workers who were essential to the city.

The location of Survived Streetwear is 1226 Library Street in Downtown Detroit.

Watch the video to see models wearing the brand, items found in the store, and the entire interview.

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