Brothers turn food truck into a food destination in the D

Guests can experience outdoor dining space

Two brothers in Detroit turned their dreams into a culinary experience that’s grabbing national attention. Now they’re dishing out shawarma, shrimp po’ boys, garlic cilantro fries and more in a cool outdoor environment.

Mike and Ahmad Nassar are the pair behind Detroit 75 Kitchen, which is a food truck. The Nassar brothers’ vision started because their family owned a truck stop in Southwest Detroit. Mike had an idea to put a food truck outside. At first, it was truck drivers coming to get food, but the business continued to grow and has even gained national attention. Ahmad took on the role of CEO and creative director, while Mike is the Executive Chef for Detroit 75 Kitchen.

The menu at Detroit 75 Kitchen features a variety of sandwiches, including a Detroit style cheesesteak called the 3rd Street Detroit Philly. There’s also a Shrimp Po’ Boy that’s made with lettuce, tomato and house-made remoulade sauce. You can also try out the Fisher Fwy. Fish sandwich, the Russel Street Veggie sandwich, or others. In addition, Chef Mike serves up Garlic cilantro fries, which he says was one of his favorite dishes growing up. The fries are triple fried and come with homemade roasted red jalapeno ketchup. To wash it all down, Detroit 75 Kitchen serves homemade strawberry lemonade and cucumber lemonade.

Detroit 75 Kitchen goes beyond being a food truck. The brothers have created an outdoor dining space for guests to enjoy. The patio area has picnic tables and umbrellas, along with murals and flowers. Detroit 75 Kitchen is located at 4800 W. Fort Street in Detroit. Watch the video above to see the patio space or more of what’s on the menu.

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