You can discover ‘Ford City’ across the river

Neighborhood makes a comeback

There’s a neighborhood rich with automotive history that’s reemerging as a vibrant area with unique restaurants, coffee shops and furniture stores. You’ll find Ford City just across the Detroit River in Windsor.

The community was once home to a Ford Motors plant that employed 14,000 workers in the early 1900s. Ford City’s decline began when the plant relocated in 1953.

Its renewal began in the early 2000s with a neighborhood mural project illustrating the neighborhood’s history. Beautification projects followed, as well as small businesses and artists helping the neighborhood shine again.

One of those artists is Michael Difazio, who is behind Reclaim Artistry, which builds furniture and art. While visiting Ford City, “Live In The D” host Tati Amare got a chance to make a charcuterie board with the help of Difazio. Watch the video above to see her grab the saw and sander to create her own work of art.

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