Did you forget this part of your wedding planning?

Make skincare plans for the big day

It’s no secret so much goes into planning wedding celebrations – from picking the perfect venue to selecting delicious catering and find the perfect wedding dress. But is there something you’re missing? How about putting your “best face” forward?

To pull off a radiant look, Nurse Practitioner Kyle Farr with Detroit Aesthetics Company said the sooner you start prepping -- the better. As you start making arrangements for your dress and makeup, Farr suggests reaching out to an aesthetic provider about skincare and plans for the big day. He also stressed the importance of an at-home skincare regimen.

Certain skincare treatments are designed to cleanse your face, to give you a glow, or to address fine lines, wrinkles, redness or acne. Watch the video above to see a demonstration of one skincare treatment.

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