He is a four-time Grammy-nominated R&B singer and he’s performing in Detroit

No plans tonight? Eric Benét is in town.

Eric Benét is a household name. Hit songs like, “Spend My Life With You”, “Love Don’t Love Me”, and “Never Want To Live Without You”, can guarantee a sing-along. The R&B singer is back in Detroit and joined Tati on today’s episode of “Live In The D” to talk about his upcoming film projects and his performance in the D tonight.

Tati asked Benét about what he loves the most about performing in Detroit. He said Detroit is the center of soul music in the entire country. If you are accepted and loved as an artist in Detroit, you are doing it right and will go far.

Along with being a four-time Grammy-nominated singer, Benét talked about his upcoming T.V. series SNAP. SNAP is a psychological thriller and will be released later in the year. The inspiration came during the COVID-19 lockdown. Without traveling or away on tour, Benét always had an interested in screenwriting. After writing and shooting the short story, AMC Network offered to put the show on the network’s all black channel. Benét said the series is comparable to the Twilight Zone, and is socially aware of real life issues. Tati told him she hopes to see him more in the acting world and Benét responded with, he does too but it depends on the ratings for SNAP.

Tati was eager to ask if Benét about upcoming music projects. He said there is a feature film in the works where he developed the script and soundtrack.

Eric Benét will perform at the Sound Board at MotorCity Casino and Hotel tonight. He said fans will not be disappointed because he knows the show will be a great one to enjoy.

To see Tati’s full interview with Eric Benét, watch the video above.