Catch up with some of the ensemble cast members of the new comedy “Out of Office”

“It’s a big ol’ laugh fest”

“Out of Office” stars on Live in the D

We all know that the pandemic has forever changed our lives, and one place where this may be felt the most is at work, where the line between work and home has become a little blurred.

That premise is now getting a comedic spin in a new movie on Comedy Central with a familiar ensemble cast. It’s called “Out of Office” and its stars are Milana Vayntrub and Jay Pharoah.

The series revolves around Vayntrub’s character, and she says it’s about the experience we all had during the pandemic lockdown, figuring out how to work from home when home is still an active part of our lives. She explained that it is ultimately about our humanity and wanting to be together again, as well as making connections with people through a screen.

Speaking of connections, Vayntrub and Pharoah have a love connection on the screen in the movie. Pharoah describes his character as a by-the-book, voice of reason type of guy, and she brings out a side of him that he needs in life to break free and do things differently.

Many people know Vayntrub as “Lily” from AT&T commercials, and we loved the one she did with Matthew Stafford during March Madness in Detroit. Working with Stafford was a dream for her, she says, because he was nice and sweet. She went on to say that continuing to act after doing commercials was a natural progression.

Ken Jeong, Jason Alexander, Cheri Oteri, Leslie Jones, and Oscar Nunez are among the cast members.

“Out of Office” will premiere on Comedy Central on September 5th.

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