Brunch and specialty coffees are being served at this halal eatery in Auburn Hills

You have to see their giant French toast!

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Between their mountainous french toast covered in berries and their handcrafted coffee creations, Haus of Brunch in Auburn Hills has everything you need to start your day.

“It’s not your typical coney island food,” explains Co-Partner Maher Obeid. “We wanted to have something a little more elevated.”

Obeid is the founder of the beautiful brunch abode. He comes from a family of restauranteurs and has owned several himself, but he saw a need in the area.

“It was always an idea for me, to start a brunch house, around a halal concept,” says Obeid. “You know it still encompasses everybody else to eat it, it’s just a way of pretty much having a bit of compassion for the animals.”

Halal, which means “permissible” in Arabic, means the food preparation is in accordance with Islamic law, including things like the standards under which the animals are cared for, and the lack of pork products and alcohol.

So in 2021, he decided to build his brunch house and he partnered up Myron Clark with Chef Tabu Gantt.

“I would describe my food as elevated with kind of a southern flair,” says Gantt. “And the flavors are just like the colors, they’re very vibrant, fresh flavors.”

Popular dishes include their chicken and waffles which are splattered in honey butter, and the shrimp and grits which are finished off with rosemary butter. On the sweeter side of things, you need to see their gigantic overnight French toast which is cooked twice to really infuse all those delicious berry flavors. For the seafood fans, their scrumptious omelet is stuffed with shrimp and jumbo lump crab and finished with a seafood hollandaise sauce.

To pair with all their scrumptious brunch options is another morning favorite, specialty coffee drinks. They serve coffee that is of single origin from Yemen, and also serve popular tea drinks from the Middle East as well.

The atmosphere needed to fit the menu as well, so they went with a clean modern look.

“Everything we wanted to do, as far as the look and feel, we wanted it to have that elevated look and feel,” says Clark.

For more information, watch the video above.

Haus of Brunch is located at 3315 Auburn Road in Auburn Hills.

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