Here’s the key to making a good apple pie

Apple pie season is here, and this is a tasty way to celebrate

Michigan Apple Pie Season on Live in the D

We are entering a favorite season for many, Michigan apple pie season. Our beautiful state grows some of the best apples around, and with all that fresh fruit, you just have to have some in a freshly baked pie. Susan Wilcox Olson, spokesperson for the Grand Traverse Pie Company, joined host Jason Carr to talk about apples, pie, and more.

So starting with the apples, which kind of apple is the best to use for pie? According to Wilcox Olson, Northern Spy apples are a great way to go because they are a little tart. You don’t want too sweet of apples in a pie. She chilled her apples before adding some cinnamon sugar to make the filling, this makes them easier to work with.

Michigan is only behind Washington for producing the most apples in the country, and it is the second largest producer of agriculture behind California, so our state is vital to the food industry.

Another piece of advice, consider adding other fruit to your pie to mix things up. Besides apples, Michigan also has an abundance of cherries, that make great pies. At the Grand Traverse Pie Company, they do an ABC pie that has apples, blueberries, and cherries in it.

You can finish off your pie with a delicious crumb top, or a lattice work pie crust.

Watch the video above for more information, and details on how you can get a free slice of pie from Grand Traverse Pie Company.

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