Food truck serves deli sandwiches with an Indian twist

These aren’t your average egg salad, grilled cheese, or Reuben sandwiches

Sandwiches are often the go-to option for lunch, and there’s a local food truck that’s rolling out deli favorites, but with a flavorful twist. Nu Deli takes classic sandwiches and adds Indian flavors and ingredients, like curry leaf and green chili.

Nu Deli owner-operator Matt Daniels appeared on “Live In The D” to talk about his food truck’s menu during our Takeout Tuesday segment. Daniels also grilled up their flagship sandwich, which is called a Nu Reuben. The sandwich starts with either corned beef, deli turkey, or a veggie substitute. Instead of sauerkraut, they use Indian slaw that Daniels says is a light tangy, lemon and mustard seed dressing. Instead of the traditional Thousand Island dressing on a Reuben, this sandwich uses sweet chili mayo. Daniels says the bread is painted with tandoori butter and grilled to give it a “zippy” red crust. Nu Deli also adds an Indian twist to other sandwiches like egg salad, grilled cheese, and tuna.

Nu Deli is currently selling its Roasted Tomato Chutney in stores. Daniels described it as “ketchup meets mustard meets relish.”

The Nu Deli food tuck will be at Eastern Market After Dark this Thursday, Sep. 15. You can find out their future schedule on their website or social media. Check out the video above to see Nu Deli’s segment on “Live In The D”.

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