Celebrate National Pizza Month with different dishes

Pizzeria in Monroe offers fun ingredients on its menu

Takeout Tuesday: Clamdigger Lounge & Pizzeria on Live in the D

It’s a great time to grab a delicious slice of pizza because October is National Pizza Month. Do you ever get tired of the typical cheese and pepperoni pizza? The Clamdigger Lounge & Pizzeria in Monroe offers some different pizza creations.

How about trying the Scallywag? Or a Dipster? Or even an Oinkster? Glenn Shannon, the owner of Clamdigger Lounge & Pizzeria, appeared on “Live In The D” to talk about his restaurant’s menu.

One of the unique dishes offered at this spot is a mashed potato pizza. Shannon says it’s similar to a twice baked potato. It starts with a pizza crust, then it’s topped with mashed potatoes, cheese and bacon. You’ll notice there’s no sauce on this pizza.

Another option on the menu at this Monroe spot is a “Dipster”. They are calzones that are sliced up and are ready to be dipped in sauce. You can also try out the “Oinkster” that features bacon and cheese.

You might be wondering where the name “Clamdigger” comes into play. According to Shannon, when he bought the restaurant in 1998, it was already named The Clamdigger and he stuck with it. The lounge even serves a “spiced up” Bloody Mary drink called The Clamdigger.

Shannon describes his restaurant as a “come as you are place”. The Clamdigger Lounge & Pizzeria is along the water. Shannon says they have live music performances on the sand on Sundays during the summer.

The Clamdigger Lounge & Pizzeria is located at 1540 E. Elm Ave. in Monroe. Watch the video above to see more of the pizzas being served at the restaurant.

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