Jason Carr recommends this restaurant that offers both dinner and a show

They serve hibachi, sushi, and a variety of shareables with a Japanese flair

Dine in the D: Nara Hibachi & Sushi on Live in the D

Imagine sizzling steak and shrimp cooked right before your eyes, by an experienced chef who lights things on fire, juggles his utensils with ease, and can even flip a piece of shrimp into his hat. That is what you’ll find at Nara Hibachi and Sushi Lounge in West Bloomfield, a place Jason Carr recommended I go to Dine in the D.

The Executive Chef and Co-Owner, Teddy Quinones has been grilling up hibachi in front of a crowd for quite a while.

“They’re coming for a show,” Quinones explains. “I love making people very happy, just I see the smiles on their faces when they’re eating.”

His father, who used to work at Benihana, got him into cooking about 35 years ago. Quinones was cooking for some of his friends one day when they talked about opening up their own sushi and hibachi restaurant. They found a location on the corner of Maple and Orchard Lake Road in West Bloomfield and transformed it into Nara.

The restaurant has a modern, Japanese-inspired design. If you are not dining at one of their hibachi tables, check out their chic lounge where they have a DJ at night.

Of course, they dish up hibachi, with a variety of proteins to pick from, but they also serve up sushi including a giant sushi boat with several rolls and nigiri on it. All of their starters and appetizers have a slight Japanese flair to them, like their Wagyu sliders with teriyaki onions, or their tuna tacos which blend of Japanese and Mexican flavors.

For the full story, watch the video above.

Nara Hibachi and Sushi Lounge is located at 5656 W Maple Road in West Bloomfield.

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